Black Samsung Laptop sat on a window sill overlooking a street

10 Web Developer Tips

Recently I wrote up a list of 10 web developer tips for the @coding on Instagram and their 67 thousand followers. You can find that particular post here, while also following @coding and myself on Instagram while you are there, as they are both great...View Article

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Over the shoulder image of computer code on a laptop

Pure CSS card flipping animation

Have you ever seen those card-flipping games where either clicking or hovering over them would display the underside of that card? I’m going to show you how to create that same card-flipping animation in CSS. This tutorial will introduce you to the...View Article

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Screenshot of Stormtrooper profile pics, one with a tick across

Animated profile tick selector

Images can make forms more intuitive for users when they are filling them out. Most forms can’t be adjusted to have images but choosing from a list of options can make the whole process more user-friendly. We are going to use User Profiles as an exam...View Article

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