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Change Excel Slash Menu Key

If you use Excel as a programmer to list either URL paths, or file paths, some of those might start with a forward slash. In excel, if you enter a forward slash as the first character in a cell, it’ll prompt you with a the Keyboard Shortcut Menu key...View Article

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Replacement checkbox with animation

The default checkbox supplied by most browsers is not that visually appealing. Although you can increase, or decrease the size, there is very little you can do with it in terms of styling. So, what do you do should you wish to have something a littl...View Article

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Create realistic random file names

Have you ever needed to create a bunch of random file names to test something like Regular Expression? Well, recently I did, and I didn’t have a collection of files to hand that would test the regular expression in the way I required. So what do pro...View Article

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Get all the kindle books

If you read my previous post, in which I restored an old Kindle, then you’ll need ways of filling it with books. This list doesn’t include the obvious, because, well, they’re obvious. This will try and help you find other sources of books. Or covert...View Article

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Close up of the Windows Key on a laptop

Removing unwanted Windows Service

Removing a service from Windows should be easy, but sometimes, it can get stuck in use, or stubborn. I was recently removing XAMPP from my machine as it was no longer something that I was using, and one of my services refused to be removed. The rea...View Article

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