Close up of the Windows Key on a laptop

Removing unwanted Windows Service

Removing a service from Windows should be easy, but sometimes, it can get stuck in use, or stubborn. I was recently removing XAMPP from my machine as it was no longer something that I was using, and one of my services refused to be removed. The rea...View Article

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Old mac laptop with some code on it

Linux Crash Course

This is a quick and very basic crash course for someone new to Linux administration. The following commands should get you through navigating files and simply finding your way around the operating system. Help! One option that might be useful if yo...View Article

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Black Samsung Laptop sat on a window sill overlooking a street

Windows 7 Keep On Top

thought that it would be useful to inform my visitors of a neat little program that you might find useful. I like working on my computer with a movie or video in the background, but flicking between screens means that it’s a hassle to keep the movie...View Article

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