I reached a high state of euphoria today, I managed to prove that I could fix server problems along the more Administrative lines than I have done before.
Our shiny new IBM server with Windows 2008 installed on it was causing it problems. Nothing has been changed in the last few days but all of a sudden, remote access was down and the SQL Client side server manager was failing to connect.
We first thought that there was a problem with SQL, but upon further error messages I received when trying to connect remotely, I decided to go with the fact it was a server problem and not an SQL problem. My first forum lead me to a couple more where they said this had been fixed, and when I managed to find the answer in amongst the ‘thank-you’ messages, I decided to have a go.
This forum said to go to Control Panel and then Network settings. View the Status and click on configure for the Network Card, then disable IPv4 Large Send Offload.
This should solve all your network problems, it did mine, and I was promptly hoisted on the shoulders of my colleagues and carried round the factory in the usual hero parade.


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