Welcome to my blog. For those of you who are regular visitors, you will have seen this site change several times. I believe that I am finally getting to grips with having a blog, and having a subject to blog about.

What you can expect

This site has turned into my book of I.T. related references and snippets that I have collected over the years. I have found it easier to write quick references here, and then search for it at a later date.

My current role is Full Stack Developer at a Digital Web Agency, in which I get to use some of the industries leading technologies and tools. So it is a big driving force with regards what tools that I work with.

Although I didn’t really want my website on WordPress, I lack the time to find or build something else. My time is precious, and I want to spend it doing interesting things, not maintaining this website. My idea for this site is that as I learn something new, I should write about it here, to prove that I understand it. Also, as I build things I find cool and interesting, I want to be able to share them here, as my own kind of online portfolio.

The subjects on here are going to be ever changing. Depending on the time and the technologies that are being used at the time. For instance, in this moment, they are most likely going to be about JavaScript ES6, Vue.js or Node, GoLang, to go along with the HTML and CSS stuff that will probably be a staple. Also, I’m currently taking two online courses in Unity and White Hat Hacking. So anything I find interesting in those may make it onto this site.

Get in touch

Feel free to send me your own ideas for topics on this site, and I hope to build a good community with my visitors. Contact me either through the contact page or Twitter

If you find just one of the topics that I post here useful, then this site will be worthwhile.

Be warned, there will probably be times where I go a long time between posting.



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